Where Does Your Jealousy Come From?

Insecurity is the root of most problems in life.

When we’re not grateful for what we already have we tend to look at what others have.

Do you spend time noticing the difference between your life and others?

You could wonder that your neighbour has a patio, your co-worker has a private office or your friend has a big car.

Rings a bell?

The truth is, doing this can be the best way to waste your precious time.

Unless you do that to source inspiration, there’s not point of comparing and analyzing how others live their lives while not being happy with yours.

If you’re not inspired by other people’s lives then you’re likely to be jealous by them. But where does your jealousy come from?

In most cases, jealousy comes from the lack of self-satisfaction. When you’re not satisfied with your current state, the grass is always going to be greener on the other side.

As human beings we tend to have unlimited requests while having limited resources. So if you build the habit of jealousy, you won’t be able to overcome it by achieving more.

Because you’ll never be done acquiring. When you get a raise, you also increase your spending and this never-ending cycle continues until the last day of your life.

But the story can change when you realize that you don’t have to have everything that other people have.

Life can be a beautiful experience even if you never reach a level that some other people have. Everything can change when you realize the feeling of jealousy comes from you.

No one can force you to feel jealous but you.

Successful people don’t feel jealous when someone else has more. They’ve learned to be satisfied with the current situation while working hard on reaching their goals.

This is called the state of flow, where your happiness is not tied to whether you achieve your goals or not.

Now, how do you beat jealousy?

You pretty much have two options. One requires effort to get what you want and that start by increasing your self-awareness about what exactly you want.

The other one requires accepting your limitations and not letting them bring you down.

Regardless of your situation, there are areas of your life where you have something that others don’t.

You can shift your mind and instead of looking at what you don’t have, you can start noticing what you have that others don’t.

Maybe you can notice your apartment has a larger living room, your desk is next to the window and your small car could be parked anywhere.

You see, it’s all in your head and it’s always up to you to see the glass as half full or half empty.

There are no universal laws that dictate any of these. And the best way to overcome your jealousy is to increase your confidence by being grateful for what you already have.

I hope this has helped you realize where your jealousy comes from and has given you the courage to take control over it so you can live a happier life.

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