Why Being Perfect is not Perfect

I’d be happy when everything is perfect.

Wouldn’t you?

For our happiness to depend on everything being perfect is a moving target that we’d never reach.

But we’re all guilty of it. We keep telling ourselves about how happy we’ll be when what we’re doing reaches the state of perfect.

Then we get there and realize it’s not perfect yet and our happiness goes out the window.

Being perfect takes our happiness away because there are always ways to improve things.

The pursuit of perfectionism forces us to focus on how things look and what others think about them.

The desire for making everything perfect also brings a lot of stress to our lives and those around us.

And the worst part is, wanting to be perfect takes the fun away from the task at hand.

To keep it simple, when we attach our happiness to being perfect we set ourselves for disappointment.

But what causes perfectionism?

Like in most cases, it’s fear.

If you’re a perfectionist, chances are you also procrastinate more than you should.

You procrastinate because of your fears.

You have the fear of not being able to make something perfect and that fear causes you to not complete things or not even start at all.

And the fear of what if I can’t deliver will cause you to focus on failing instead of succeeding.

But how do you get over being perfect?

By changing your focus from making everything perfect to making sure you’re working on the right things.

Instead of depending your happiness on making things perfect you depend it on making progress.

When you take your eyes off of making every detail perfect you get to keep an eye on the big picture.

You get to focus on why you’re doing something and whose lives you’re enhancing because of it. That will keep you going.

The good news is that nobody’s perfect. Even the most successful people among us are not perfect and will never be.

What makes some people more successful is the lack of certain fears.

It’s not that they don’t have fears, they do and their main fear is not pursuing their purpose.

Now that’s a good fear that keeps the fire burning so they can keep going.

They also care about quality and wish for things to be perfect but they don’t depend their happiness on them.

Successful people take action, get things done and focus on the big picture. If they make mistakes, they learn and iterate but they keep going.

If you’re in the process of making something perfect, take a moment and look at your progress instead.

You see, being perfect is focused on how far you are from your ideal state.

A better thing to do is checking out how far you’ve come and appreciating your progress. That’s all the motivation you need.

I hope this has inspired you to take it easy on yourself and start changing your focus from being perfect to being happy because happiness comes from making progress.

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