Case Study BroadbandTV

How I’ve Been Helping BBTV Make Better Products For YouTube

The Problem

BroadbandTV is world’s second largest online video network. Together with its partners and clients, BBTV receives over 7.5 Billion monthly views and been experiencing an exponential growth within the past two years. I have been helping the R&D team with VISO Catalyst and their internal CMS which was requiring more help in the areas of Product Management and Business Analysis. This was crucial to keep BBTV and its suite of products ahead of the market in the competitive space of YouTube and online video market.

The Solution

I’ve been working with BBTV both at their HQ in Vancouver and remotely. Within the R&D team, I’ve been collaborating with almost all internal departments such as Design, Research, Development, QA and Product. I’ve had the opportunity of helping BroadbandTV make better products for the online video market in the following areas:

Product Management

Algorithm and Feature Requirements for YouTube metadata optimization

Feature and Product Requirements for new CMS and CRM

Documentation and Migration for old CMS

Requirements for UX improvement

Stakeholder interviews

User feedback review

Business Analysis

Improvement and Expansion plan for network programs

Ongoing Business and Product Competitive Analysis

High-level overview of company for new employees

Competitive Analysis for New Features and Products

Analysis of Mobile Solutions for YouTubers


Mehrdad Fatourechi – CTO
The competitive analysis has been very valuable for both R&D team and business stakeholders. This has provided us with a much better vision as to how we should focus our efforts. With a comprehensive competitive analysis that you have provided, we have been able to better shape the direction of product roadmap (especially for consumer-facing products).