Case Study DogSync

How I Helped DogSync Build A Solid Mobile Product

The Problem

DogSync had an iOS app out there with a few functional issues just like any new product. They also wanted to finish and release their Android version. DogSync’s Founder and CEO, Ben asked me to join their team for two weeks and help out with all aspects of product management. As a dog owner and dog lover I was stocked to join their pack.

The Solution

I worked with DogSync in two different occasions throughout the past year. First time around I helped DogSync define and document requirements for the features they were building. During my most recent work, I helped them make their iOS app bug-free. I also led the entire plan for the development of an Android application. Below is a list of items I was able to help with during a two-week period:


MON: Ramped up. Created processes and provided suggestions to improve the feedback and development cycles.

TUE: Completed reviewing the entire iOS Backlog, QAed latest release to help with debugging the application.

WED: Researched on Android devices and development. Worked with the Android team lead and Installed the first phase of the app and started Android vs iOS comparison

THU: Completed Android vs iOS comparison. Created a new Android Backlog board.

FRI: Completed assessing and adding all UI bugs in Android Backlog board.


MON: Created a project brief for hiring an Android developer and reached out to TopTal.

TUE: Posted the project on Crew. Installed the app on an Android device. Reported more UI bugs. Found resources for internationalization and localization.

WED: Assessed recommendations from Crew. Looked and found more Android devs.

THU: Suggested UX, UI and functionalities improvements for iOS. Reported more iOS bugs.

FRI: Assessed and replied to Android candidates. Fully tested the latest iOS build before its release.

Ben Syne – Founder and CEO
Since Pedram worked with us, our android app which was previously on the shelf is well under way. He identified all the pieces that were missing and laid out a plan of action for completing the project.