Where to Chase Opportunities

For good opportunities to knock, you have to build many doors.

You can’t just sit and wait behind one door and hope for good opportunities to show up on their own.

Life doesn’t flow through one path and that’s why it doesn’t make sense to put all your eggs in one basket.

The best opportunities are attracted, not chased.

When you build many doors, you put the groundwork for attracting the type of opportunities you care about.

But why is it better to attract opportunities instead of chasing them?

Because no one likes to be chased and opportunities are no exception. A good opportunity works both ways. It’s not forced.

By putting up a sign behind every door, you let the passing opportunities see your welcome note. And if there’s a synergy, they’ll be knocking in no time.

The building door analogy works because opportunities do knock. And if they pass by and you don’t have a door they’ll knock on someone else’s door.

Now enough with knocking and building doors. Let’s get real.

No matter what you want in life, the best way to look for opportunities is to create value first before you extract some.

You need to be an opportunity to someone else before they can be an opportunity to you. That’s the only way to maintain authenticity.

Are you considering to quit your job and find a new one? Don’t send resume. Instead, show up and create value for your favorite organization before there’s even an opening.

Why? Because when that opening shows up, you’ll be the first one to get a call.

You need to have patience and always go for the long haul. Turn lasting relationships into your priorities and never settle for the short term gains.

Do you want to give up on a friendship and replace it with a better one? Then don’t wait. Get out there. Go to places where the people you like to meet usually hang out. Start an event, volunteer at one. Don’t dream it, just do it.

You also don’t have to look too far. Start by the things that are within your reach.

Use your skills and expertise or your network. Find a way to add value to someone in need of help. That’s how you can create the environment for the opportunities to show up.

A train will not stop for you unless you’re at the station. Opportunities work the same way. The good news is, if you can’t find a station, you can create one of your own.

One last thing to remember is, you need to be vocal about what you want. Don’t keep it to yourself. Start telling people about what you want to see happen.

People love to help but they can’t do it if you don’t tell or if you don’t ask. By putting it out there you’ll learn about the type of door you need to build.

I hope this has helped you stop looking for opportunities and instead has given you a strategy to attract them to your life.

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