When Should You Leave Your Comfort Zone

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you live in an invisible box.

It’s a box that you feel comfortable inside. It’s also known as your comfort zone and your life is limited by it. Why? Let’s find out.

As human beings, we’ve always been looking for comfort. We are programmed to take care of our most basic needs as soon as possible so we can start feeling comfortable.

But the same comfort has created a zone around us that we tend to stay in it for most of our lives.

You see, no matter how big your comfort zone is, you’ll be missing out on what happens outside of it. The universe is not limited by your zone.

Staying inside your comfort zone sounds like a logical thing to do. That’s why we don’t even question it. We create the zone and do our best to stay in it.

Sometimes this zone is defined by your neighbourhood, city or country. But other times it’s the type of professions, personalities or political views.

What do I mean by that?

It’s easier for us to get attracted to like-minded people. That’s why when people meet for the first time, they ask each other about where they are from and what they do for a living.

The main purpose of these questions is to find out whether the other person fits in their comfort zone or not.

For example, you may only feel comfortable to be around the type of people who have the same job as you or are from the same city or country as you.

The problem is when you stay inside your comfort zone with like-minded people you get too comfortable with your life.

Your opinions don’t get challenged, you’re not exposed to new things and the worst part, there’s no magic.

So when should you leave your comfort zone?

In case you haven’t guessed it by now the answer is NOW. But you don’t always need to leave it and go away, in most cases you end up expanding it.

Humans are organic beings. We need to grow or we die. And there’s no way to grow inside your existing comfort zone. It’s small and frankly, it’s getting boring.

Magic happens outside of your comfort zone. And if you want to grow, you need some magic in your life. A dose of inspiration that can only be found when you leave your comfort zone.

What is stopping you from making the move? Almost in all cases, your fears are to blame. You need to find a way to deal with your fears so they don’t limit your ability to grow.

The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown but that’s exactly what makes it worth pursuing. Everything that is known to you now at some point was an unknown.

What you’ll find outside of your comfort zone often tends to be what you’re currently missing in your life.

We live in a volatile world. Don’t ever feel too comfortable with anything. Get used to finding comfort in being uncomfortable, go out to explore and share your stories with the rest of us.

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