When is it OK to Take a Day Off

Regardless of how much you love what you do, you need a break from it.

To take a day off from your normal routine could be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

It’s true that you should not wait for the weekend to live or you should not have a job that you need a vacation from. But taking a day off every once in awhile has enormous benefits for your health.

You’re a human being and not a machine. Though some machines also need to rest every now and then. That’s why taking a day off can come in handy from time to time.

But when is it OK to take a day off?

There are a few occasions that could qualify for taking a day off from your busy schedule. Like your birthday, your loved ones’ birthdays or when you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster.

If you have a job where you can’t just take a day off when you need to, it might be time to quit your job. What’s the point of having a job that doesn’t care about your life and your health?

When you take a day off on your loved ones’ birthdays, you show them how much you care about them. You prove that you know your priorities.

Nothing will make your loved ones happier than spending a full day with them without checking anything related to work.

But you don’t always have to do it for others. It’s more important to do it for yourself. You need a day away from your norm to allow yourself to reflect on your life.

If you keep working without a break you may lose the big picture. You could forget what life is all about and that day off is your chance to not fall for it.

Also, it does not alway have to be a single day. Sometimes, you need a couple or a few of them depending on your situation.

Now what should you do on your day off?

Leave, go away, don’t stay around. The whole point of taking the time off is to do something special. Treat it differently and do your best to make it memorable.

You need to disconnect to connect. By disconnecting from your routine, you allow yourself to connect with who you are and what you stand for.

Going to nature is always a good thing. It changes your immediate environment and gives you a chance to remember the world is not defined by your job.

Even the most awesome jobs are still jobs. They need to fit within some sort of a framework and that’s exactly why you need a day off from them. So don’t let the fact that you love your job turn you to a workaholic.

No one likes to have a friend or family member who’s never around because of what the do for a living. Don’t be that person.

I hope this has inspired you and given you the courage you need to take a day off the next time you feel the need for it. You have the permission to care about your health and that starts by taking a break.

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