What Can You Learn from a Dog’s Life

Dogs are awesome and if you don’t like them, there are still things you can learn from a dog’s life.

You may say dogs are less intelligent than humans and we should not compare ourselves to animals.

But next time you’re outside pay attention to how many happy dogs you meet compare to happy humans. Unless those humans live with dogs.

Our furry friends live a very different lifestyle than us even if they happen to live with us.

Their lifestyle is different because they know their priorities better than we know ours.

Dogs are happy and satisfied when there is food, shelter, and a ball or stick for playing, in that exact order. How about humans? We have all that plus more, yet most of us are not truly happy.

By knowing their priorities they can focus only on what matters the most and best of all, they live in the present moment.

You never see a dog sitting in a corner and being upset about that one ball he could not fetch yesterday.

You also never see a dog sitting and thinking about all the balls he can fetch in the future.

If he has a ball now, he’ll be happy to play with it and when it goes away it doesn’t take his happiness with it.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore your past and future but it does mean you should do your best to enjoy your present moments more.

Dogs also don’t hold grudges. You can get mad at them but they will not bring it up years later to make you feel guilty. Because they live in the moment, they can let go of what makes them feel bad.

Another thing you can learn from a dog is being persistent. If they focus on getting something done they will not stop until they have it.

Most of the times, humans give up too early on what they want and don’t go all in with their objectives. But dogs don’t care. They will not rest until they’ve achieved their goal.

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What else can you learn from a dog’s life?

Loyalty, of course. There’s a reason why a dog is called a man’s best friend. Once you help a dog achieve his priorities, he’ll be your buddy forever.

It’s true that they live in the present moment but they also remember who the nice people are. You give a dog love and you will receive love in return. Guaranteed.

And the best part of interacting with a dog is the opportunity to connect with nature. As human beings we are so involved in our day to day lives that we forget our roots and connections to the other beings on this planet.

Having a dog in your life is a constant reminder about your temporary life here on earth and can help you stay grounded and not get caught up with the little things that don’t matter.

I hope this has helped you to see a dog’s life differently and get some inspiration from their simple lifestyle that you can apply to your own.

Did I miss anything? Have you learned more from dogs? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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