Where to Find Happiness

During your waking hours you either feel good or you feel bad.

Whenever something makes you feel good, you find happiness and when you lose it, you feel bad.

Are you only happy on Saturdays, paydays and sunny days?

You see, this type of happiness tends to be temporary as it depends on external sources.

There’s nothing wrong with being happy on the weekend or the sunny days. But if you’re not happy Monday to Thursday or on cloudy days, you’re going to be unhappy for most of the year.

You don’t control the calendar or the weather. You can never turn Mondays to Saturdays or cloudy days to sunny days.

What you can do is what you have control over. And that’s your mind and how you feel about yourself.

Happiness is an inside job. Period.

You can’t allow other people and sources determine your happiness. To become happy is a journey that starts with you and your inner peace.

For example, if you’re waiting for your boss to make you happy, it might be the time to quit your job.

You can’t ignore what you feel inside and have expectations that others should make you happy from the outside.

It’s not the job of your parents, your siblings or your boss to make you happy. No one else but you knows what exactly makes you feel good.

So what is it that makes you feel good? What would you do all day long if you didn’t have to work? What if money was no object?

Your happiness lies within whatever that makes you feel good.

In most cases, you’d feel good when you’re being helpful. Whenever what you know or what you can do, adds value to someone else’s life.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what the weather is when you’re being appreciated by the causes you help with.

Happiness comes from you reaching your full potential and feeling useful about your contributions.

You can also find happiness in self-love and in taking care of yourself. Activities like getting a message, going to a SPA and meditation can nourish your body and mind.

You don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to wait. You can start now with what you can, build the habit and adjust as you go on.

All that aside, there is one permanent place to find happiness and that’s gratitude.

By being grateful for what you already have and how far you’ve come, you’ll realize how lucky and powerful you are.

This is one type of happiness that no one can take away from you. It doesn’t depend on anyone and it’s the safest type of happiness to secure.

In summary, to feel happy, you need to feel good and to feel good you need to feel helpful and grateful.

I hope this has helped you realize there’s only one place to look for happiness and that’s inside. When you stop chasing outside, you’ll find happiness in all the places you were not looking before.

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