Where Do You Find Good Advice

A single advice could make or break whatever you’re working on.

We live in a connected world where finding advice has become easier than ever before. But there’s also so much noise out there that makes finding the right signal much harder.

When we seek for help, good advice and bad advice come together. And it’s our job to pick what works and throw away what does not.

So where do you find good advice?

No matter what the issue might be, chances are you start with family and friends.

It’s a normal choice to go to the people we trust and feel comfortable with but the only problem is those people may have no clue about your issue.

There’s no reason for believing what works for your friend or your parents could work for you too. You’re all different people and there’s no one size fits all advice.

The experience matters more than the trust or anything else when it comes to the world of advice.

In most cases, a good advice comes from someone who’s been to the same situation before not someone who’s only studied the issue.

Look for someone who practices what they preach. These people may not be in your immediate circle but the good news is they don’t have to be.

All it takes is searching online for about 10 people who are a couple of years ahead of you, narrow down to 3 and then reach out via email or social media.

People are much more approachable than you think they are. This is especially true when they feel you’re stuck in a situation that they have experienced before.

The most important thing here is that to get the right advice you need to create value before you extract some.

Once you get advice from 3 different people, you can analyze the results and make an informed decision about your next move.

No matter what you’re working on you need to have a list of potential advisors who you can go to when you hit an obstacle.

Everyone likes to help someone in need but it starts by you. To get good advice you need to give good advice. Start by being an advisor to someone else and learn how it works.

One thing to remember is, you don’t have to wait until you’re about to make a major life decision before you look for advice.

Start practicing both giving and getting advice with the minor decisions. You don’t need an advice for what to eat for dinner but you may need an advice for learning to cook.

Also, not every advice comes in a verbal or one to one format. There are a countless number of blogs and videos where your potential advisors are giving away the advice you need.

A good advice at the right time could change the course of your life while a bad advice could do a lot of damage. You have to be picky about advice.

I hope this has helped you to find good advice so you can overcome your obstacles and move faster with your goals.

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