Why do Good Things Take Their Time?

Nothing worth keeping comes easy.

You may have heard that before but do you know why they say that?

It’s not a surprise that good things indeed take their time and this happens for two main reasons.

The first one is the most popular one.

Good things take their time because you’re not ready for them. In most cases, you may just be wishing without having a plan or the motivation for taking action.

Words can be cheap. Anyone can say what they want but without putting the hard work it will always remain a wish.

No matter how hard you try, if things happen for you easily you will never be able to appreciate them.

So instead of complaining why good things take their time, a better thing to do is getting ready for them. And the best way to do that is by taking the first step to overcoming resistance.

When you get something done, you have a small win that will fuel your next challenge.

If you keep having small wins, they will soon create your big wins and that’s how you get to what you want.

Of course, this will take time and that’s because when you dream big, you have no choice but to be patience, execute on your plan and keep an eye on your vision.

When you learn to be grateful for your opportunities, you start to attract more of them. This happens in a natural way because you’ve learned how things work.

Another reason for good things taking their time is the distance from where you are to where you want to be.

Most of the items we consider as good things are usually big things.

You may want to make $1 Million a year, get 6 pack abs or learn new languages. These are all BIG THINGS!

Even if you’re ready, when you have moonshot dreams you have to accept that it will take a long time to get there.

As an ambitious person you may be having difficulty putting up with the wait time but it’s important to look at your past.

It’s not always about how far you are from your goal but more about how far you’ve come.

It’s up to you to change your impression of time and you have the power to decide on that feeling.

You can do that by appreciating your progress and increasing your-self awareness about your powers and limitations.

Focusing on the distance ahead is not going to get you there. It will only overwhelm you and lead to potentially giving up on your goals.

Next time you feel like something you want to be done is taking its time, take an extra few seconds and look at how big it is and how far you’ve come.

It’s easy to get lost in the little details and lose on the big picture but sometimes you just need to run a reality check on your goals.

I hope this has helped you realize the main reasons behind good things taking their time so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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