Where are Great Relationships Made?

Relationships are the safest investments with the highest yields.

In life, you may accumulate a lot of material things but that can all go away in an instant.

Economies shift, currencies plummet, and bad things can happen at any time. But no one can take away your relationships.

If there’s only one area that you could make more investments in, let it be your relationships. It will not lead to disappointments.

But before you drop everything and start calling everyone, it’s worth to cover a few important things.

First of all, not all relationships are made equal. And like investment, you should do your homework first before going all in.

Like all good things in life, it takes time for a great relationship to get to fruition. This means you need to pace it and not rush it.

Second of all, not anything called relationship has to be romantic, so most of these apply to all types of them.

And finally, great relationships are not matched, they are made. Sure, someone can make an introduction but there’s no guarantee for that to succeed without your effort.

Great relationships also have a natural flow to them, they get started at the right time and at the right place.

There are times when they can flourish effortlessly but that’s because of the right synergy between two people. It creates an equal opportunity for both sides to grow.

So how many of these great relationships can you handle?

Well, there’s the concept of Dunbar’s Number which suggests we can only maintain stable social relationships with up to 150 people.

In these relationships, each individual knows who every other person is and how they relate to each other.

But in reality, that number is much lower. Just think of your own life and see how many of those relationships you are in.

It’s true that you need to be always meeting new people and not be limiting yourself to a specific number.

But it’s also good to be aware of our human limitations to maintain meaningful relationships.

Even if you end up having 50 great relationships that help you grow, you’ll have an amazing life to be proud of. Are 50 not enough? Well, you don’t need to stop there if you have the time for it.

Working with people is one of the best ways to start building great relationships. Nothing brings people closer to each other than sharing wins and fails together.

In great relationships, you go through ups and downs with someone else who shares the same concerns and outcomes. That’s the key to success.

Traveling is another great way to get the same results. When you go on a trip with someone, small or big doesn’t matter, you’ll end up going through the same challenge and hopefully the same reward.

It can take anytime between 6 months to 6 years for a great relationship to reach its full potential and no one knows the exact date.

But the point here is to be aware of the importance of trust and respect in a relationship while creating value for others.

I hope this has inspired you to start investing more in your relationships and be able to find the good ones so you can double down on them.

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