What to do When in Doubt

No matter what, from time to time you’re going to find yourself in doubt.

A feeling of uncertainty will always be around you while making major life decisions.

This lack of conviction can stop you from making bad decisions. But it can also slow down your life as it limits your risk-taking abilities.

There’s a right balance when it comes to doubt that once achieved it can speed up your decision-making process.

But let’s first find out what causes doubts.

In most cases, your doubts come from the lack of information or experience.

For example, you don’t doubt that your fridge door will open when you pull the handle. It’s because you are informed about how it works.

But if you were to start a project or a business for the first time, you will doubt everything about it.

When in doubt about something, try to find the area where you lack the information or the experience.

Once you know what you lack, you have a couple of choices. You either decide to gain that knowledge or you find other people who have it.

A lot of times, the latter is a better choice especially if you need to move fast.

Why would you go through years of work when you could just read an expert’s book?

Or why would you try to learn everything on your own when you could take an online course or program.

Another way to deal with your doubts is by taking action against them. Sometimes, what you doubt ends up being an illusion because you’re looking at it from a distance.

Unless you’re doubting what happens if you jump from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, taking small actions could remove your doubts.

Don’t take the easy way of standing far away from what you doubt and never do anything about it because you don’t know what happens.

Instead, you should get closer to what you doubt and get a chance to interact with it. Take smaller steps and learn about the roots of what makes you doubt.

The best way to overcome your doubts is by dealing with your fears. This fear of the unknown is what’s stopping you from moving forward.

By gaining the knowledge you lack, taking action and dealing with your fears you should be able to overcome your doubts.

When you doubt too much, you get paralyzed. Life becomes more limited and you can’t grow.

Your doubts will keep you in your comfort zone and you won’t be able to reach your full potential.

Doubts that you don’t deal with, contribute to your fears and make them stronger.

But if you learn what to do when in doubt, not only you can make faster decisions but you can also get to places you could not even imagine before.

I hope this has helped you find a way to deal with the things you doubt in your life. I’d also love to know if you’ve got results from doing something different when in doubt.

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