Product Demo Videos

Explainer videos I’ve worked on:

Julia Kaplan
Director of Product at Walmart Labs
It was a pleasure working with you.
Private: Kevin O’Leary
Shark, Chairman and Investor
Amazing team to work with! (Kevin's Tweet)
Loren Baxter
Director of UX at Ready For Zero
You've been very clear and helpful in moving us through the process. I'm impressed with how quickly you iterated and got us to the next stage; we were often the blocker, which is good. Anyway, overall it was quite smooth for us and we appreciate your clear and structured communication.
Mark Palmer
CEO at StreamBase
The team, especially Pedram, our project manager, were great to work with. They were responsive, open to our ideas yet strong in their opinions where it made sense, and they led us through a very interactive process.
Julian Leach
Co-Founder at Parcel Point
Pedram, our producer on the job, was a real pleasure to work with - creative, passionate and highly focused on getting the job done. The quality of the video is testament to his expert management of the process and the creative brilliance of the whole team involved. I really appreciated Pedram's responsiveness to my feedback throughout the production, despite the fact that it was very difficult to make changes due to the timeframes on this job.
Andreea Barroca
Founder and CEO at Quandora
I greatly enjoyed working with Pedram. I’m very satisfied with the result. The communication was open and efficient, and I felt that you’ve understood our business. The actual production went really fast, we’ve been permanently on schedule (or even ahead). Personally, I enjoyed the type of informal, easy-going (yet entirely professional) communication established with Pedram.  
Philipp Bolliger
CEO and Co-Founder at Koubachi
Our project manager was Pedram - it's been great to work with him. He was very responsive to our changes and always incorporated the changes within a short time frame. He also managed the process very well, always following up on our feedback. We are very satisfied with the outcome, it's an awesome piece of work and we look forward to the reactions of your users.
Pat Byrnes
Thank you for being so diligent and eager to do great work. And getting it all done several days before the deadline! We got some very nice compliments on it while we were at DEMO in Silicon Valley a week and a half ago.
Alan Park
Founder at FluentFlix
Overall extremely satisfied with the final product. It does exactly what I hoped it would do. I think Pedram did a good job managing the process and keeping the whole schedule on track. He was also instrumental in overcoming some challenges early in the process.
Asish Satpathy
Founder and President at Zympi
It was really a great pleasure working with you. Throughout the process, you and your team were with me advising, taking notes on the unmet needs and finally delivering them in a very professional and timely way. Couldn't be happier.