What Makes a Remarkable Leader

You don’t have to wait for a promotion to become a leader.

In fact, if you only lead because of your job title you won’t become a remarkable leader.

Leadership starts way before you get high up on your career ladder. It’s a skill you should develop and practice before you even hit the job market.

Also, not all leadership happens in the work environment. You can become a leader among your family and friends.

So how can you lead and how can you do a good job at it?

To answer that let’s find out what makes a remarkable leader.

To become a leader you need to first be a follower. By being a great follower you can start noticing and learning what makes a remarkable leader.

You need to start by sitting on the other side of the table so when you switch sides, you can have empathy for others.

Leadership is not always about having authority. It’s about having a vision and the ability to execute on it. Anyone at any position can lead.

Great leaders can inspire action. They can show others a different and better way of doing something. They are convincing enough that they can create change in any situation.

Without a doubt, there are a few vital characteristics that you need to have to be a remarkable leader. Let’s go over a few of them.

First of all, you need to be approachable.

When you show leadership, people look up to you. They count on you. You become an important part of their lives, especially when they face an obstacle.

By being approachable you allow others to form part of what you do and improve your performance.

You also need to have an open mind. You need to be supportive of better ideas even if they are not yours.

Remarkable leaders focus on getting the best outcomes, not the credit or the praise.

If you want to be a good leader you need people to respect you and for them to do that, you need to work with them side by side. You don’t make an order. You put up your sleeves and sweat like everyone else.

Also, leadership is learned not taught. Your formal education alone never makes you a remarkable leader. People are not going to trust your ability to lead because of your university degree.

You learn to be a remarkable leader by practicing what you preach. You do it by making mistakes and learning from them. You do it by gaining the real life experience that you won’t find in any book.

Remarkable leaders have a high level of self-awareness. They know what they are good at, but they also know their weaknesses. They know how to check their ego and not let it control them.

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to good leadership. But people can smell a bad leader from kilometers away.

I hope you’re not going to wait until later to work on your leadership skills. I encourage you to start today and aim to become a remarkable leader.

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