Why Self-love isn’t Selfish

Loving others starts by learning to love yourself.

No one likes to be called selfish. But is that a good reason to neglect self-love?

It’s time to realize self-love isn’t selfish.

Everyone around you needs to feel loved. So you may prioritize them over yourself. This happens especially with your family and friends.

But if you always focus on loving others you will never learn to love yourself. And without that skill, you’re not going to become a good lover.

You should never worry about being called selfish when it comes to self-love. Whoever thinks like that about you doesn’t deserve your love.

If someone cares about you as much as you care about them, they should understand the importance of self-love.

There’s a reason why on airplanes they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.

Love works the same way. It starts by you learning to apply it to yourself and once you see the results you can share it with others.

Self-love is and should be high up on the list of your priorities after the essentials of life like air, water, shelter, etc.

It’s one item that gets neglected most of the times when we get busy with our lives. If you don’t practice self-love it might be the time to change your habits.

As humans, we’re good at making habits. By making self-love a habit you will make sure it doesn’t move down the list of priorities.

If you remember to drink coffee in the morning or take shower when you get home, you should hopefully remember to love yourself.

But what does self-love and loving yourself mean anyway?

You see, it’s a vague concept. It means different things to different people. But in a nutshell, it’s about caring about your well-being.

Loving yourself is not always about making yourself happy. It’s more about being responsible for the actions you take and holding yourself accountable.

It’s about making sure you’re healthy enough to be around your loved ones.

Maybe eating unhealthy food makes you happy but should you eat fast food every day?

One of the main benefits of self-love is its effect on your health. Your diet, sleep and exercise plans contribute the most to your self-love.

Loving yourself is all about caring about yourself. Once you start this process you will notice other things you can do.

Who said you need to be a millionaire to get a massage or go to a spa? You don’t have to do it every week but it’s good to build the habit so you get to do it whenever you get the chance.

Last but not least, self-love is also about your mind. It’s about staying positive and not letting negative thoughts stay there for too long.

You should learn to love your mind as much as you love your body. Keep it clean. Don’t watch random TV shows. Instead, watch inspiring and motivational videos or read autobiography books from your heroes.

I hope this has helped you realize the importance of self-love. Now it’s up to you. What are you going to do about it?

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