What Is Your Superpower

You don’t have to be in a comic book to have a superpower.

Regardless of your circumstances, there is at least one thing you do better than others. And that one thing will not flourish until you see it as your superpower.

You’re not always born with it. In most cases you become interested in an area as you learn about the world while growing up.

The bad news is, your family may not consider your interests as superpowers. They may think it’s just a phase and you’ll get over it when you become an adult.

But the sooner you find out what your superpower is the sooner you’ll find happiness. It’s never late for discovering and realizing what you’re good at.

The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be some fancy thing. Your superpower can be anything like cooking, dancing or painting.

You don’t have to worry about what others think or how many jobs are in that market or how well they pay.

People who realize what their superpower is can go against the current. They increase their self-awareness, challenge the status quo and take control over their future.

They don’t limit themselves by what others think or expect of them. They get excited by the potential of their superpower and are willing to do anything to get better at what they do.

But that’s for them. How about you? What is your superpower?

How do you know if something you’re good at can be called a superpower?

You see, your superpower is something you can do effortlessly. It comes naturally. You never have to push yourself because it pulls you.

A lot of time, your superpower is something people know you by it. If you don’t know what it is, ask your friends and family.

But if you don’t want to do that, you just have to notice the tasks you’d do if money was no object.

What are you willing to do regardless of time and space? What is that one thing that when you do it you lose track of time?

Is it building something? Is it helping others? Is it writing or speaking?

Your superpower puts you in your state of flow. That’s where you’re happy with your current situation while being excited about the possibilities of the future.

The point here is to realize turning what you’re good at into a career is not enough. You were born to do more than just a job.

This is super important because when you discover your superpower, you give yourself the opportunity to grow.

By realizing the power within that one thing that you do well, you’ll unlock an endless amount of potential.

You’ll have the power to change lives. Starting by your own life, you’ll soon gain the power to impact the lives of many other people.

But this all starts by you finding your superpower first. Don’t settle for something because it pays well now or it looks good on your resume later.

Once you discover your superpower everything else will fall into the place by itself. You’ll attract everything you need to flourish and grow.

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