How to Stay Positive no Matter What

In our day to day lives, there’s always something to feel negative about.

You either don’t get that promotion you were promised or your partner breaks up with you or a car passes by and splashes water on you. The list can go on forever.

Our lives would be almost impossible to live if we let every little thing to affect us in a negative way.

So there’s no arguing that it’s better to stay positive than negative. But staying positive is easier said than done.

How can you stay positive when sometimes it feels like the whole world is working against you?

You see, the only thing you need to worry about is what you can control. Of course, you can’t control the whole world so you’re left with controlling yourself.

To control yourself you need to control your emotions and to control your emotions you need to control your motions.

It’s easier to feel positive about something you have control over.

But how about when something doesn’t go your way and you can’t control the results? You feel frustrated right?

Well, there’s an enormous amount of energy within your frustration and there are a couple ways to deal with it.

You can choose to let that negative feeling make you feel down or you can choose to put that energy to work.

One of the most effective things to do with that energy is exercise. Hit the gym, go out for a run or if you prefer to stay home, at least start a round of pushups or burpees.

Don’t let that energy to be wasted on feeling down. Use it to stay in motion. It feels great to think about how frustrated you are with something while you’re moving your body.

Another good way to stay positive is thinking about how much worse your situation could have been. No matter what happens to you, it can always be worse than that.

When you realize how much worse it could have been, you have no choice but to feel positive about your current situation.

Gratitude is the antidote to negativity.

You don’t have to feel grateful only when you have something good in your life. You can also feel grateful that your bad situation is still much better than what someone else is going through.

Staying positive is a mindset game. It’s something that you get to control.

As you go on with your life things happen to you all the time but you have the power to stay positive and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are these hard to do? Are you looking for an easy fix?

Go help someone in need. Nothing will make you feel more positive about yourself than helping someone else.

I hope this has inspired you to find a way to make a tasty lemonade out of all the lemons that are coming your way and stay positive no matter what.

After all, everything is somewhat temporary and no matter how bad things may be today, there will always be a better tomorrow waiting for you.

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