When to Stop Worrying About Your Future

Our minds are used to worrying about the future.

As a responsible person, it’s hard to not worry about your future. You worry about it because not only you want to survive but you also wish to thrive.

But not everyone worries the same way or for the same reason.

You may worry about short term items like what the weather will be like on the weekend. But you also can worry about long term items like your retirement.

The thing is, when you get used to worrying about stuff, it becomes one of your habits. And not a good one.

It’s OK to think about your future and try to shape it to the way you envision.

But your future doesn’t completely depend on you. You may have some power over checking the weather forecast but not about what could happen decades from now.

This doesn’t mean you are powerless and there’s nothing you can do about it.

A part of your future is under your control. Things like your formal education or your job. But there are so many other factors that are beyond your control.

When it comes to your future, if all you do is worrying, you’re not going to change anything.

Worrying about something you can’t control is a complete waste of time and energy.

So when can you stop worrying about your future?

As always, the short answer is NOW. You’re better off to put that time and effort on taking action about something you can actually change.

When you stop worrying you free your mind. You realize worrying is like wishing for something you don’t even want to see happen.

By shifting your energy from worrying to taking action, you can slowly start taking control over your life.

Remember, your thoughts determine the quality of your life. And the thoughts that come from worrying about an unknown future are not the best ones.

Of course, you should save money, have a retirement plan, a rainy day fund, and all that good stuff. But you will not get them by worrying about them. You will get them by planning and taking action.

You don’t always have the power to take control over your future but you always have the power to take control over your thoughts.

There are so many things that could change the course of your life. Economies go through ups and downs and natural disasters can happen anytime.

You will never be able to protect everything. But what you always get to keep is a healthy mind that’s free of pointless worrying.

A mind that knows where to find happiness and is aware of your current situation plus your desires for the future. But this healthy mind will never sacrifice a good today for a good tomorrow.

You know why? Because no one can guarantee the quality of tomorrow but your mind and senses can always guarantee the quality of your current state.

I hope this has inspired you to see the importance of your future from a different lens. Because why would you worry when you can be happy?

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